Transit buses provide “affordable public transportation” for Michigan community

Flint, Michigan, September 27, 2016 – The recent delivery of 16 alternative fuel buses to the Flint, Michigan Mass Transportation Agency signals the largest rollout of Blue Bird Propane Visions for commercial use.

According to Flint MTA, the new alternative fuel buses cut costs, reduce harmful emissions and take advantage of a domestically produced fuel. Compared with the diesel buses they replaced, each bus will cut down on 800 pounds of nitrogen oxide and 35 pounds of particulate matter annually.

“Blue Bird Propane Visions buses allow Flint to provide green, affordable public transportation while saving taxpayer dollars,” said Ed Benning, general manager and CEO for Flint Mass Transportation Agency.

Flint MTA purchased the buses with Federal Transit Administration funding. The FTA New Model Bus Testing Program (known as Altoona testing) rates new buses on safety, structural integrity and durability, reliability, performance, maintainability, noise and fuel economy.

INDIANAPOLIS (September 19, 2016) — Commercial bus fleet operators looking for innovative, quality, and affordable transportation will find many options at the Blue Bird booth (501) at BusCon 2016. Blue Bird will showcase a full range of small and medium sized buses delivering excellent fuel economy, enhanced driver visibility and improved passenger comfort.

“At Blue Bird, we’re proud of our 90-year history of building buses to the most stringent safety and quality standards,” says Phil Horlock, president and CEO of Blue Bird. “Our commercial line customers always get the best of the best in terms of chassis and body construction and safety, so they can transport their passengers comfortably and safely, year after year.”